Math Potentials is committed to empowering students to develop mathematical competencies that open doors to pursue the opportunities of their choice with confidence.


  1. Curiosity – Experience the joy of learning and understanding the Why
  2. Empowerment – Develop a mindset for perseverance in the face of challenge
  3. Communication – Learn to speak and think clearly so that your ideas can travel far and wide


  1. Expert instruction by subject specialists who teach with passion
  2. World-class curriculum centered around core topics and big ideas
  3. Interactive learning environment that encourages collaboration and problem solving

Math Circles ClassMath Potentials is an education enrichment organization that teaches children to enjoy and experience success in doing mathematics and sciences.

Dr. Natasa Sirotic and Dr. Klaus Hoechsmann founded Math Potentials in 2000, with the support of the Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences. It was their extraordinary passion for math education, and desire to open students’ eyes to how meaningful and fulfilling mathematics can be, that made their first year, with just 30 students, such a success.

Now with over 700 students and 6 campuses they have continued to grow and cultivate young math and science lovers all over Metro Vancouver, and they’re not stopping anytime soon.

The programs offered at Math Potentials address the needs of students from Grades 5-12. The carefully curated curriculum, based on problem solving, geometry, and the big ideas of mathematics, coupled with expert instruction, meet the needs that young people have for their intellectual development (i.e. wanting to know, enjoying figuring out things, being curious about mathematical relationships).

Throughout all the programs, children are engaged in the mathematical work designed to develop their mathematical competencies, such as the ability to solve problems, reason well, think logically, communicate mathematically, employ mathematical modeling and visualization, and make connections among various mathematical ideas. Math Potentials creates a learning environment in which students are encouraged to express and share their mathematical ideas, and are then guided and supported to have these ideas evolve into a well-founded mathematical knowledge.

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