Making Math Meaningful


Math Potentials is an educational organization based in the Vancouver lower mainland. It was founded in 2000, with the support of the Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences. 

We enable students to see and experience mathematics as valuable, exciting, and meaningful. We strive for our students to appreciate, delight and succeed in mathematics, and always ask for more.  Learn more


Math Circles Program

In our classes students develop mathematical relationships instead of memorizing them. Through our program, students become fluent in mathematics and are well prepared for the challenges they face in university math courses.  Learn more.

Registration for the 2017/2018 school year is now open!


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"After Math Circles, I went into UBC and majored in Computer Science. I think that Math Circles gave me the ability to problem solve and think logically unlike most high school students, as we covered topics (e.g. geometry, proofs, more advanced algebra) that was not covered in the regular high school curriculum."

Brian Chau, former student

"When I was in the high school what I did most in math classes was memorize formulas and do lots of calculations. I was blessed to find the Math Circles program. I loved the way of approaching the concepts, and I learned a lot from the materials along with my daughter. Thanks so much for providing such a wonderful program to our kids."

Hannah Hwang, parent

"Let us not equate mathematics and arithmetic; let us not equate applying algorithms and thinking. Math Circles explores mathematics that is worthy of the human intellect. It's not trying to make math easy, but celebrates the challenge of struggling with a tough problem."

Gordon Hamilton, MMath, PhD

"I am pleased to inform you that my Daughter, Alisha Duggal (currently in Omega @ SFU) has been accepted into the Center for Talented Youth at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. She wrote the Advanced SCAT exam on Xmas Eve and qualified for their Summer Programs with high marks in Math (90th percentile) and English. She is now eligible to attend advanced summer courses across many Universities including Princeton, Berkeley, and Johns Hopkins.

Both Alisha and I wanted to thank the Math Potentials program as we know that in addition to her hard work at home, her being in the program for the last 2.5 years has been a contributing factor to her success."

Ashish Duggal, parent

"I am now studying statistics at the University of Waterloo. I think Math Circles helped me a lot, especially with regards to tackling a problem from multiple perspectives, which was a skill that I use a lot in both my academic work and professional work."

Robert Huang, former student