Q. What level will my child be in? 
A. New students write an assessment test and based on their performance, are placed in an appropriate class. Students must already be registered in order to write the assessment test. If a student misses the assessment test- they will be placed in a class based on their grade in September.

Q. What if my child misses a class?

A. Classes can be made up at other campuses. Simplify notify the instructor of the class you will be attending – Or you can sign in on the wikispace (under Homework) to access the missed material.

Q. What is the order of difficulty of the Math Circles Classes? And what is the curriculum for each level?
A. In increasing level of difficulty: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Omega, Intro to Calculus. Click on each level to view the curriculum.

Q. What is ELMACON?
A. ELMACON stands for Elementary Math Competition. It is a competition for kids in grades 5-7, taking place in late April/early May. We encourage your child to participate. Visit www.elmacon.org for more details.