• For early highs school students (grade 8 – 10) who want to strengthen their skills we recommend working from the New Elementary Math Textbook 1 and 2. These books are from the Singapore math curriculum (it is the natural continuation of the resources we use for Alpha and Beta class). They can be purchased at ABC Academic Books. The textbooks have accompanying workbooks which we also recommend for extra practice.
  • Richard Hosino is a local mathematician, professor, and novelist. We highly recommend reading his book, The Math Olympian
  • James Tanton is a brilliant mathematician and math educator. We use some of his resources for our Math Circles program. His website: http://www.jamestanton.com/
    • Check out the Global Math Project and encourage your teacher to take part each year in October
  • Math Pickle website is a great resource created by a mathematician/math educator named Gordon Hamilton. We use some of his materials at Math Circles and he has even been a special guest in our classes in the past! You can sort through his materials by grade or topic: http://mathpickle.com/




Mathematics Olympian gold medalist talks about the art of math