Math Potentials provides quality programs. Each program requires extensive preparation.

We commit on your behalf when you register. For these reasons our terms and conditions on joining the Math Circles Coaching Program are as follows:

  1. AGE/GRADE LIMITS (in September) 10 to 17 years or Grades 5 to 12. Grade 4 students may join only if they score high enough on the assessment test.
    1. Math Circles refunds are only issued in the event of a student leaving due to illness or to their family moving away, in which case a WRITTEN NOTICE must be given to this office. There is a $95 non refundable deposit for the Full Year term, and a $55 non refundable deposit for the Spring Term. The remainder of the tuition and materials fee refund will be prorated based on the number of classes that passed when notice was given, or when the student stops attending classes, whichever is later. The price per class, for prorating purposes, is calculated as (tuition paid + materials cost)/17.  If we cancel a class then we issue a full refund. If a grade 4 child signs up but doesn't pass the assessment test, then we issue a full refund. If a new student writes the assessment test and is determined to be in a class that is not offered at their preferred campus, then we also issue a full refund.
    2. Math Camps: See the refund policy here.
  3. COST OF MATERIALS is a one-time fee payable upon registration. Current amount required is stated on the registration form.
  4. ABSENCE/PUNCTUALITY (Please see RULES). In addition, written requests are required for students to make up a class at a different campus. Requests should be emailed directly to the affected teachers and students should be aware that teachers may have already prepared their photocopies and may not have enough to hand out to the extra student. 
  5. "BRING A FRIEND" is a privilege offered to students twice in the school year. Due to space considerations, make sure that you check with your instructors a week prior to planning on bringing a friend.


  • Mathematics is by nature a disciplined pursuit. Any disruptive behaviour may result in suspension or dismissal.
  • Regular attendance is essential. Unexcused absence may result in suspension or dismissal. In the event of unavoidable absence a written note must be brought.
  • Punctuality is essential. Habitual lateness may result in suspension or dismissal from the class.
  • Students are reminded room facilities are the properties of University and must be treated with respect. Behaviour before and after classes around the premises must be of the highest order.
  • In all classes the teachers, instructors, professors, and other adults will be addressed formally (Mr., Mrs., Ms., etc)