Math Potentials Program Regulations

Math Potentials provides quality programs. Each program requires extensive preparation. For these reasons our terms and conditions upon joining the Math Potentials programs are as follows:

  1. The cost of materials is a one-time fee payable upon registration. Current amount required is stated on the registration form.
  2. In addition to the stated absence and punctuality "RULES" below, written requests are required for students to make up a class at a different campus. Requests should be emailed directly to the affected teachers and students should be aware that teachers may or may not be able to accommodate their request. Approval is based on a maximum class capacity.
  3. You must have reviewed the description of the corresponding Math Potentials program and feel that you have sufficiently informed yourself about the nature of the program and the activities involved. You must acknowledge that there are risks, dangers, and hazards associated with your child’s participation in the program including, but not limited to: impact with other individuals, instructors, or spectators, objects or equipment used in the classroom; including the classroom and washrooms; adverse weather conditions; failure to participate safely within one's own ability; theft; consumption of food and drink, etc.

Program Refund Policy

A. Refund Policy for programs that run during the school year: 

Subject to exceptions below, refunds are only issued in the event of a student leaving due to illness or to their family moving away, in which case a WRITTEN NOTICE must be given to this office. There is a $95 non-refundable deposit. The remainder of the tuition fee will be prorated based on the number of classes that passed when notice was given, or when the student plans to stop attending classes, whichever is later. The materials fee will not be refunded once classes have started. If we cancel a program then we will issue a full refund.

Refunds due to conflict: This policy applies to conflicts such as but not limited to time, location, or waitlists and is applicable only to new students who register into the Math Circles program for the first time and do not have the option of choosing class time and location upon registration due to the unknown class placement (which is to be determined subsequently by the result of the Assessment Test). If we cannot accommodate the requested campus placement of a new student, then we will issue a full refund minus a $35 fee to cover administrative costs and the payment of merchant fees. This can happen if classes are full, or the level into which the student was placed is not offered at the requested campus. Once the class placement result is sent out by Math Potentials, you will have one week to request a refund due to any such conflicts. After this time period, the a requested refund will be subject to a $95 fee.

B. Week-long Math Camps Refund Policy:

A great deal of work goes into preparing Math Camps well before they start. As a result, the following refund policy was created for one-week Math Camps:

    1. Non-refundable deposit: 25% of tuition
    2. Refund within two weeks prior to the start date of Math Camps: 50% of tuition
    3. Refund within 24 hours of the start date of Math Camp: None

Math Potentials reserves the right to cancel the Math Camps with insufficient enrolment. If Math Potentials does so, full refunds will be issued.

C. Short Programs or Summer Program Refund Policy:

The following refund policy applies to summer programs other than one-week Math Camps:

    1. Non-refundable deposit: 25% of tuition
    2. Refund once the program has started: prorated based on the number of classes that have passed, minus the deposit.

Math Potentials reserves the right to cancel any program with insufficient enrolment. If Math Potentials does so, full refunds will be issued.


  • Mathematics and science are by nature disciplined pursuits. Any disruptive behaviour may result in suspension or dismissal.
  • Regular attendance is essential. In the event of an unavoidable absence, students are expected to catch up on what they missed through the online resources available in each program.
  • Punctuality is essential. Habitual lateness may result in suspension or dismissal from the class.
  • Students are reminded that rooms and facilities are the properties of the campus and must be treated with respect. Behaviour before and after classes around the premises must be of the highest order.
  • In all classes the teachers, instructors, professors, and other adults will be addressed formally (Mr., Mrs., Ms., etc)