Homework for the Science Circles program is posted our online learning platform, Schoology. Students get access to this before the first day of class.

Homework will generally consist of mini labs or assignments with the online physics simulators. It is accessed and submitted through Schoology. We encourage you to push yourself and attempt as much of the posted homework as possible.

In the classroom, not all the homework questions will get answered. Usually only the first 15 minutes of class is set aside to go over questions, so that the rest of class can be used to cover the next lesson.


  • Students must create their own Schoology account, which is separate from any other account they have with Math Potentials.
  • Students are expected to check the online answer keys through their Schoology account before submitting their homework.
  • Students are expected to attempt all homework problems, but not necessarily to complete them all. Sometimes there are questions that are extra challenging, and the teacher will explicitly say they are optional.
  • Students who regularly struggle with most of the assigned homework should talk to their teacher as soon as possible.