Who we are

We strive to teach students the "mathematical way of thinking".

In our classes students develop mathematical relationships instead of memorizing them. Through our program, students become fluent in mathematics and are well prepared for the challenges they face in university math courses.

We formed our program because we were afraid that the current school system may not enable students to see mathematics as meaningful, exciting or satisfying. As our students near graduation, they are better prepared for the gap in difficulty between the level of mathematics at high school and at university.

About the program

Classes: We offer seven levels of classes, in increasing order of difficulty, are Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon, Omega and Calculus,

Eligibility: Classes are suitable for students in Grades 5 - 12. Grade 4 students may join if the score well enough on our assessment test.

Dates: There are 17 classes spread out from October to May (1.5 hours long, approximately every two weeks).

Assessment Test: Before the first class, there is an assessment test for new students which determines their level placement.

Homework + Online Tutorials: There is homework between classes, which is checked for completion by the teacher (but not graded). We have live online tutorials between each class, in which students can ask the online instructor questions about the homework and get live feedback!

Tuition$615.00 + $45.00 materials cost. There is no tax. 

Registration Deadline: By assessment date or when class is full. 
How to Register: Registration online or you can register by mailing us the registration form and cheque.