Q. What age should my child be to enter the Math Circles program?

Math Circles is intended for students in Grades 5-12. Students in Grade 6 and beyond will write an online Assessment Test once they have registered. Students in Grade 5 do not need to write the test, and can register directly into Alpha Class. Grade 5 students can, however, take the assessment test if they feel they should be in a higher level. Furthermore, students who are in Grade 4, but highly advanced and motivated, can request to join by emailing and will be sent a special Grade 4 assessment test to see if they can join Alpha Class early.

We have also recently introduced an Early Math Matters program for children of ages 4-6 years.

Q. What level will my child be in? 

We do not place children according to their grade or age, but rather according to their mathematical readiness. Students who are in Grade 6 or higher write the readiness assessment which helps us to determine the most suitable level for their placement in our 7-level program of study. As soon as you've registered your child as a new student, you will receive an email with the online test. Your child must then complete the test as soon as possible. We will mark the test within two weeks, and get back to you with your child's placement.

Note: as this is a "take home" test, we trust that all students will truthfully abide by the rules. The purpose of this test is to determine which class will be the most suitable for the student. We want to help push students' abilities, but not discourage them because they find the curriculum too hard.

Click here for more information about Assessment Tests.

Q. What is the order of difficulty of the Math Circles Classes? And what is the curriculum for each level?

This is the order, in increasing level of difficulty: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon, Omega, Calculus. Click on link for more information about the curriculum.

Q. Who is Math Circles best suited for?

The Math Circles Program was developed to enable students to experience mathematics as valuable, exciting, and meaningful. In our classes students are taught to understand mathematical relationships instead of memorizing them. As a result, through our program, students become fluent in mathematics and are well prepared for the challenges they face in their school or university math courses.

Please note that this in an enrichment program, not a tutoring service.

Q. What is the benefit of Math Circles to my child?

Click here for a detailed description of the Math Circles curriculum, as well as a visual image of the Path of Student Growth within the Math Circles program.

Q. Where are the classes offered?


Please see the Student Guide for information about Schoology, online homework tutorials, homework expectations, tests and assignments, missing a class, bringing a friend, and more.

Q. What if my child misses a class?

Classes can be made up at other campuses. Simplify notify both instructors - the instructor of the class you will be attending and the instructor of the class you will be missing. Make sure to give at least 2 days advanced notice as the make-up class may be full. Instructor emails can be found by clicking on their names on the class times page.

Q. Are the online tutorials mandatory? 

No. The online tutorials are for students who have questions about the homework. Please see the schedule of all tutorials here.