SFU Burnaby Campus

Math Circles Classes 2022/23 at SFU Burnaby

Math Potentials started in UBC in the 2000/2001 school year with only two classes in one campus. It has since grown to six campuses in Metro Vancouver, serving 700 students.

Math Potentials creates a learning environment in which students are encouraged to express and share their mathematical ideas, and are then guided and supported to have these ideas evolve into a well-founded mathematical knowledge.

The programs offered at Math Potentials address the needs of students from Grades 5-12. The carefully curated curriculum, based on problem solving, geometry, and the big ideas of mathematics, coupled with expert instruction, meet the needs that young people have for their intellectual development (i.e. wanting to know, enjoying figuring out things, being curious about mathematical relationships).

Specific classroom information will be provided closer to the beginning of the school year. If you have any question about our classes at SFU Burnaby campus, contact us at info@mathpotentials.com