Science Circles: Active Young Scientists 2021/22

Who is awarded the title of Active Young Scientist?

Science Circles students who successfully complete the four assessment steps are celebrated as Active Young Scientists! This celebration is a reflection of the hard work these students put into fully engaging with the all aspects of the Science Circles program.

Below, video demonstrations/experiments conducted by this year's Active Young Scientists are showcased. Their videos reflect their understanding, learning, reasoning, innovation, creativity, and ability to analyze and solve while using technology and improving their confidence.


Science Circles 2021/22: List of our Active Young Scientist

Level 3

Ivan Kolosov

Level 2

Gaoshang David Xu

Ana Ungur

Resonance, Harmful, Not Harmful: In this video, I explain the following questions: What is Resonance? How can it be harmful? How could it not be harmful? Thank you all for your time, Ana Ungur.

Dimitriana Nazarov

Hi guys! In this video I am going to show you how to piece together the Moon Phases Calendar. Have fun, and please watch the next video in order to learn how to use this calendar. Thanks, Dimi

Zachary Iakhno

Level 1

Claire Liu

Alex Hu

Genevieve Wang

Theodore Yip

Congratulations to all our young scientists!

Through consistent participation in Science Circles, children are empowered as they develop critical thinking, creativity, problem solving, and communication skills. Developing these key competencies prepares students for success in high school, university, and beyond!