Summer Program: Awaken the Mathemagician in You

Awaken the Mathemagician in You is a transformational course. You will be empowered with tools to shift your mindset and discover that you can learn anything. Students will have an opportunity to "click" into math, experiencing it not only as important, but also as interesting, meaningful and beautiful.

This course will teach you how to open your mind to mathematics. It will show you how to think like a mathematician would. It will not be anything like you’ve ever experienced before. 

If any one or more of the following statements describes your thinking about math, then this course is for you!

  • Math is too hard.  
  • I’m not good at math. 
  • Math is boring!
  • Math is only for those who are born with a special math gene.
  • I don’t enjoy math.

You will not be expected to give “right answers” or memorize rules. Instead, you will learn how to navigate through mathematical landscapes of pattern, numbers, shapes, and applied problem situations by building up a toolbox of skills for success.

All too often in a math class the focus is only on the "correct answer" and on the procedures or steps to get to it. There is an illusion that there is only one correct way of doing things, and so for many the learning of the subject is reduced to memorizing these steps and following the procedures. Moreover, there is a pressure felt by many students that they need to get to the correct answer fast. 

It is no wonder that many children lose interest in math. This way of relating to math is disempowering indeed. But it is a conditioned response, and that can be changed with new experiences that empower the child to move away from focusing on the "products of mathematical thought", such as formulas and canned procedures to be memorized, to instead focusing on the "processes of mathematical thinking", such as modelling, estimation, and visualization. 

Our commitment is to assist the students in developing a "growth mindset". Such a mindset allows them to be curious, persevere in the face of challenge, engage in productive struggle, exert good effort, and understand that "mistakes" are in fact valuable learning opportunities. Equipped with the right mindset, children begin to see that they are in charge of their own success. Now that is something that will serve them for life!


Program Details

Who is "Awaken the Mathemagician in You" for? This transformative course is designed for all Grade 4-6 students who wish to embark on a sustainable trajectory of success in their learning. This means becoming a self-directed, reflective learner who has the desire to understand and not just follow certain procedures. Students who complete this course will be fully ready to begin the Alpha level of Math Circles.
What is the weekly time commitment? 2 hours per week in class. There is no homework assigned.
What is the course format? Classes in this program are 60 minutes long, twice a week for five weeks.



Online (Zoom)
Days: Mondays & Thursdays
Time: 4:30pm - 5:30pm

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April 22 April 25 April 29 May 2 May 6
Class #6  Class #7  Class #8  Class #9  Class #10
May 9 May 13 May 16 May 19 May 23