The registration period for Gateway Mathematics Summer 2021 will begin in early May.

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In Gateway Mathematics students will learn how to solve challenging, multi-step problems with understanding and confidence by using a visual method known as the Singapore Math Bar Model. The Bar Model approach is key in developing proportional reasoning which is a gateway to algebraic thinking. Singapore Math is a world-class curriculum which we use in the Alpha and Beta levels of Math Circles

Gateway Mathematics is an online program taught in a flipped classroom style, where students watch a lesson video first and then come to a live virtual class to practice with problems. Homework is assigned after class in order to reinforce concepts. 

Program Details

Who is Gateway Mathematics for?

This course is designed for students entering Grades 5 - 8 in September who have not attended Math Circles previously. It will also be beneficial to Math Circles students who have just completed Alpha or Beta but joined late in the year or simply feel they could use a review of the Singapore Math Bar Model.

What is the weekly time commitment?

3 to 4 hours per week which includes watching on-demand lesson videos, attending virtual classes, and completing homework.

Class Schedule

Classes in this summer program are 1.5 hours long, once a week for six weeks. Classes are conducted virtually through Zoom.

Exploration level is for students entering Grade 5-6 who have never attended Math Circles
Discovery level is for students entering Grade 7-8, or Grade 6 students who have completed Alpha Class

The detailed class schedule will be posted before registration opens in early May 2021.