Making Math and Science Meaningful

Math Potentials offers enriched math and science education in Vancouver and teaches children to enjoy and experience success in the learning of these subjects.

Math Potentials provides a conducive environment for students to grow in their abilities and confidence. All our classes are taught conceptually for understanding rather than memorization. We use a carefully curated and comprehensive curriculum and ensure that all our teachers are experts in their subject areas. Students who are looking for a challenge will find it here. Conversely, any difficulties students may be having with math and science will be eliminated as they gain deeper understanding of these subjects.

Some kids have difficulties with math and science in school when they are taught to memorize rather than learn for understanding. We eliminate these difficulties by teaching conceptually, for understanding. Our teachers, who have expertise in both subject-matter and teaching, are well poised to be able to convey the beauty and deeper meaning behind the mathematical theorems and formulas as well as the processes and results of scientific discoveries. We educate our students on the history of mathematics and science to help them appreciate these subjects as a human endeavour. Once mathematics and sciences are properly understood and appreciated, students feel empowered to take on a variety of challenging problems with ease.

It’s not just about finding the answer, it’s also about developing the necessary reasoning skills to be able to justify the way in which the answer was found.  It is about challenging yourself, being curious, asking the right questions, and thinking like a mathematician or scientist would!