Please note that assessment tests for the 2017/2018 Math Circles year are now finished.

We hold assessment tests for new registered students before the start of classes each year. Students who miss the assessment test are still able to register for the program and are placed according to their grade. Please see the table below to see approximate placements for Grade levels. You may also refer to our curriculum page in order to get a better idea of what we will be covering in each level.

Returning students go into the next level unless they wish to repeat a class or if their instructor recommends that they repeat a class.

Preparing for next year?

This practice test can help elementary school students prepare for our 2018/2019 Assessment tests. All registered students will receive a notification when the assessment test schedule has been finalized.

Default Class Placement:

Grade in September Math Circles Class (for new students who miss the assessment test)
Grade 5 or 6 Alpha
Grade 7 Beta
Grade 8 Gamma
Grade 9 Delta
Grade 10 Epsilon
Grade 11 Omega
Grade 12 Calculus 


Assessment Test FAQ

Q. How long is the assessment test?
       A. 1.5 hours but students can leave earlier if they finish earlier, as long as their parents are there to pick them up.
Q. Do all students write the same test?
      A. We separate the tests into grade 5-7, and grade 8 -12 level. Each age group has a regular test and an optional test that they can write if they have time. The regular test is written answer and the optional test is multiple choice. Within each test multiple topics are covered.

Q. Should the students attempt to solve all problems on the test or focus on problems within certain part(s)? 
      A. Attempt all problems but don't waste time on questions that they think are beyond their knowledge. It's OK to leave questions blank.
Q. Do students have to show the work on the test sheet, and are the points taken away if the work is not shown? 
     A. Showing work is best especially for the word problems. No marks are deducted if work is not shown, but partial marks may be given for an incorrect answer if work is shown and proves that the student has partial knowledge of the problem. On the optional (multiple choice test) students receive 2 points for a correct answer and lose a point for an incorrect answer (so leaving a question blank is better than guessing!).
Q. Do you return the test to students or disclose their mark?
     A. No. The purpose of the test is only to group students together who are at a similar mathematical level so that they can learn at the same pace. We only tell the student what class they placed in and we recycle the tests once they have been marked.

Q. Can the students ask questions during the test if they find a problem specification unclear? 
      A. They can ask, but the teacher probably won't explain any of the mathematical terms or give clues about the problem. If it is a language barrier then the teacher is more likely to assist, but we want to refrain from distracting the rest of the students and from giving the student too much assistance during the test. There is no harm in asking, but be prepared that the answer might be "sorry I can't help you", depending on what the question is.