Math Circles Assessment Test

Q. How do I complete the assessment test?

A. As soon as you've registered as a new student, you will receive an email with the online test. You must then complete the test at your earliest convenience. We will mark the test within two weeks, and get back to you with your placement.

Note: as this is a "take home" test, we trust that all students will truthfully abide by the rules. The purpose of this test is to determine which class will be the most suitable for the student. We want to help push students' abilities, but not discourage them because they find the curriculum too hard.

Q. How long is the assessment test?

A. 1.5 hours, but students can take less time if they want or if they cannot complete many questions.

Q. Do all students write the same test?

A. We separate the tests into grade 4, grade 6-8, and grade 9 -12 (grade 5 students are NOT required to take the assessment test, and are placed into the beginner level, Alpha, unless they wish to challenge the Grade 6 - 8 test). Within each test, multiple topics are covered and we do not expect a student to know everything (especially the younger students in each category).

Q. Should the students attempt to solve all problems on the test or focus on problems within certain part(s)?

A. Students should attempt all problems, but not waste time on questions they think are beyond their knowledge. It's OK to leave questions blank.

Q. Do you return the test to students or disclose their mark?

A. No. The purpose of the test is only to group students together who are at a similar mathematical level so that they can learn at the same pace. We only tell the student what class they placed in.

Q. Can the students ask questions during the test if they find a problem specification unclear? 

A. If it is a language barrier, then students are permitted to consult a dictionary. We ask that students do NOT seek any support with math related questions. The purpose of this assessment is to place students in a class they will find challenging, but not impossible (therefore discouraging their interest).

Q. How can I prepare for the test?

A. This practice test can help elementary school students prepare.