COVID-19: Math Potentials Updates

March 16th, 2022 - Update for 2022/23 Full-year Programs

March 16th, 2022

Math Potentials is preparing to offer both in-person and online sections for all levels of next year's full-year courses (Math Circles and Science Circles) both  As was the case last year around this time of year, the possibility of holding in-person classes in the fall is not certain. However, we are optimistic that it will be possible. If it is not possible to hold classes in-person, classes will continue to be offered online.

We are aware that some students prefer online instruction. With this in mind, Math Potentials will continue offering online options for all Math Circles and Science Circles levels.

Math Circles - Class Dates
Math Circles - Class Times
Science Circles - Class Dates and Times

Our summer programs (Strategic and Gateway Math) will continue to be offered online only.