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I found these books to be refreshing, and I feel that they may inspire more interest in students in mathematics. All these books are available in the public library.

1. Finding Zero – Amin D Aczel

  • This is a storybook in a journal format, introducing where numbers come from, with a brief introduction on the golden ratio, Fibonacci sequence and magic square.  It reviews the minds of mathematicians in daily living.
  • This is a great book for teens as summer reading.

2. The Num8er My5tories – Marcus du Sautoy

  • This is a storybook, taking us to the fascinating world of mathematics. It gives an introduction on prime numbers in a easy manner. It is teaching readers how to use mathematics to get into the Guinness Book of World Records, introducing the mysteries of ISBN numbers, Sudoku, and more. The first few chapters are very interesting and can be understood by teens. The later chapters may be more challenging as they give an introduction on encryption and decryption concepts, and Galileo’s theory.

3. Theories for Everything: An Illustrated History of Science - Published by the National Geographic Society in 2006

  • This book is in an encyclopedia format, introducing the invention of numbers and the usage of them in different fields.

Contribution provided by Cindy Leung.